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Can I tell you how pumped I was to hear “Gangsta’s Paradise” 75 minutes into a 90-minute yoga class last night? Gleeful, I tell you.

Man, Hip Hop Yoga is good for the soul. It’s so silly and yet, totally fulfilling. 

Hip Hop Yoga serves to bring a lightness and playfulness to your practice, our teacher, Meghan, said as we launched into and closed out of last night’s class, which featured an “Old School” theme. This opposed to the JT/Jay-ZIt’s Britney, B*tch, and others I’ve tried so far. Old School was especially fun… a throwback to high school, really… causing me to grin big as we shook our asanas to The Next Episode or Forgot About Dre. It’s impossible to get lost in thought in the midst of a vigorous flow sequence and Wu Tang Clan. 

Oh, and it’s totally aggressive. I was a sweaty, heart-racing mess; my mat so slick that my hands slipped and I face planting in crow pose. 

There’s also a tremendous sense of community. The hip hop classes at Back Bay Yoga seem to always be packed full of beautiful, strong, friendly women (mostly, a smattering of men sometimes, too). I guess it could be because it’s so jammed that we’re virtually on top of one another, but I think it must be a lightheartedness from the beats. There’s a real feeling of solidarity in the room: laughter, sighs, and groans when utkatasana (chair pose) goes on for far too long. 

It’s a killer workout, puts me in a great mood, and centers me, too.