Short stories from long runs

This blog about my run and training

Thank goodness for a bizarro-warm weekend here in New England! It was a welcome change of pace in the midst of the deep freeze we’ve been experiencing for the past two months, and it also meant getting outside for a run yesterday!

It was overcast and a little bit gloomy, but I was running comfortably in capris and a long-sleeved top so there were certainly no complaints from me. Even though I know there’s tons more winter weather coming my way, it felt a little bit like coming out of hibernation, since I’ve taken the past six weeks super easy.

The plan was just to run easy and comfortable. I was hopeful to run around 9:00s, since that was comfortable on the treadmill earlier in the week. That said, the mile two hill always sort of looms… I get such great energy from being outside, though, and was pleasantly surprised to clock in my first mile in 8:40 and then another at 8:50, despite the climb. Mile three bounced in in the middle, at 8:45, and I had already turned for home.

I slowed up a little on my way home — I was tired and running into the wind — but was enjoying myself (and some tunes) all the same. Running through a nearby neighborhood, a sweet looking old man was out for a walk, all bundled up. I waved and smiled and took an earbud out, telling him, good afternoon!

Hello, he answered, cheerfully, before stopping and turning to face me. Are you training for a marathon? he asked.

Just running, I told him. It’s just so nice to have some warm weather.

I finished comfortably, meeting my goal to run 9:00s, but kept thinking of the neighbor who asked if I was training.

Because even when we’re not training for marathons, we sort of are, aren’t we? Running injury-free. Maintaining our fitness. Nurturing a competitive edge. Staying sane.

Running outside today, comfortable and warm on February 2, was supremely refreshing, and a simple friendly question gave me the moment of perspective I always seek. How is your marathon training going, regardless of distance, experience, or intent?