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It’s hard to believe (for me, at least), but I’ve officially cruised from my second trimester to my third. As in, the last one. Knowing how quickly summer flies by every year, Baby P is going to be here in no time. It’s an exciting and terrifying reality.

Likes, dislikes, and months 3-6, in general:

I have to say, the second trimester went really, really quickly. The first one felt super long — probably because it was still a secret and seemed very far away — but weeks 12-26 (or whatever the exact timeline is) went by in a blink. I’ve joked throughout the pregnancy that had I not seen the baby in ultrasounds, or felt it’s little kicks starting around week 17, I wouldn’t believe it’s in there. I feel very lucky that my body seems very into pregnancy. Nothing dramatic to report at all. I did some brainstorming, though, so I could provide some of my details below.

Loves: cereal, fruit, lemonade, and gummy candy (specifically Paul Newman strawberry licorice — have you tried that stuff?!?!)
Not So Much: salty snacks, cheese
Un-pleasantries: heartburn, dysfunctionally tired
Other realities: waking up 4-5 times a night to pee, itty-bitty appetite (and feeling crazy full)

I went with a loves and not so much category because I didn’t feel anything strong enough to warrant being called a craving or aversion. Since my appetite has been so small, I’ve been so unreasonably tired, and Nik traveled so much during my second trimester, cereal was my best friend come dinner time. I ate my big meal at lunch because the cafeteria cooked it for me and at dinner I indulged in some combination of cereal and fruit. Special K and blueberries took an early lead and more recently Cheerios with chopped nectarines or plums made a run. In between I tried Whole Foods peanut butter puffs and frosted flakes — basically dessert disguised as health food because it’s organic (am I the only one who does that?!).

At the same time, I really wasn’t that into salty foods like chips (potato/corn/pita), processed snacks (Cheez-Itz) or pretzels, which are usually a dangerous after-work habit. Likewise for cheese — American slices, goat cheese, or our very favorite that we discovered on vacation in Vermont. It’s not UNappealing; it’s just more of a meh kind of thing. Trading pears and apples for a wheel of cheese? Who am I?

Like I said, I really can’t complain, as the second trimester of this pregnancy has been pretty easy. The heartburn I started experiencing early on stuck with me, but got much better after I cut most citrus and chocolate from my diet. I had an especially dicey time with heartburn during our vacation to India, but it resolved thanks to ample servings of vanilla ice cream and scaling back on the delicious lime sodas (FULL of fresh-squeezed lime) people kept making me. The only other issue has been actually functioning while insanely, impossibly tired. It turns out, however, that blood work I just completed indicates that I’m suffering from a little bit of anemia, which actually comes as a relief — knowing there’s a solution. I’ll start an iron supplement tonight and keep bumping up my consumption of iron-rich foods and hope I can scale back on the lunchtime and after work naps for these last few months.

What I’m wearing (i.e. the fun stuff):

As I mentioned, I really didn’t see any changes to my body/belly until I approached my sixth month, so I only jumped on the maternity clothes bandwagon in the last few weeks of my second trimester. Still, some of the best of the best, can’t-live-without-it gear I’ve enjoyed includes:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Most of my gear changes have come in the workout department.

Early on it was clear I was going to need some new sports bras with increased… support. I put it off for ages (not sure how much adjustment would be necessary), but caved and bought two Moving Comfort bras to try out — the Maia and the Juno. The Juno was the big winner for me — the straps and overall fit were much more comfortable and I didn’t like how high cut the Maia was up front. Honestly, I don’t know if I’d still be running without this upgrade. Likewise, I needed some extra support on my feet. I’ve been a big fan of the Saucony Kinvara for almost two years, but in my second trimester started to feel like I was running barefoot. After a quick trip to the local running store, I bought a pair of Saucony Rides, which are one stability level up from Kinvaras with an only slightly higher drop. They seem to have done the trick.

I bought a couple of workout tops from the Gap Fit line that I’m in love with. These were more of a splurge and a want than a need, but I don’t regret them at all (and am currently waiting for two more in the mail). I bought two Heathered Tees and two Breathe Tanks, mostly because my race t-shirts were feeling a bit snug and short and honestly, there’s nothing worse. The tanks are pretty thin, but the tees are substantial and they are both really soft and cute. The cut is flattering and I would say the tank runs true to size and the tee can be sized down unless you want it really roomy. I bought a medium tee the first time and a small on my second go. Not only am I loving them for summertime running, I’m fairly sure they are going to be major players in my maternity leave recovery/lounging/nursing wardrobe. I’m still running in pre-pregnancy Nike Tempo shorts or lululemon Wunder Under crops.

For in-real-life clothes, I wore regular pants throughout my second trimester (eventually adding a Bella band to get some more wear out of tighter waistbands), but around week 20, started incorporating Target maternity tunic tops (black and white v-necks — I kept it really basic), which are super soft and comfy. So far, in trimester three, I’ve added a few dresses by ASOS (reasonable and cute) and a pair of cropped, black maternity pants from Loft. All of the tunics I picked up in India have been in heavy rotation, too.

Shimera tanks from Nordstrom were actually a revelation a few years back and became a go-to item in the past few months. They’re basically just fitted tanks, but during pregnancy they’ve been great for layering and keeping things smooth. I literally wear one (black, off-white, or white) every single day as my base layer.

Finally, like most women, as soon as I found out I was expecting I on the bandwagon to moisturize the hell out of my belly and chest to prevent stretch marks. This is a change for me because I absolutely detest lotions and creams. Hate. They make my skin feel claustrophobic. It’s an irrational fear. Still, for these nine months I figured I could get on board. Early on I tried the standard Palmer’s Cocoa Butter belly lotion, but couldn’t cope with smelling like a chocolate bar all the time. It wasn’t for me. Then I discovered Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter and solved that problem. It’s light, moisturizing and the solution to my product-averse sensibilities.

So that’s how I’m feeling and what I’m rocking, but what am I doing:

Until my fall a few weeks back, I was literally chugging right along daily. Month four included a ton of barre classes and recently, I had a good three week spell where I ran at least one mile each and every day for the Runner’s World Run Streak. I think I could have completed all 40 days had I not taken such a spill, but like I said from the start, I wasn’t going to obsess about it or put myself or Baby P at risk for the sake of pride.

Now, I’m still running a lot, at a much easier exertion and much lower mileage. In addition to daily runs of 1.5 to 5 or 6 miles, during my second trimester I completed a couple of fun-run 5Ks and the Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Half Festival 10K, which also marked the longest run of my second trimester.

And now, depending on who I listen to and which [potential] arrival date I’m anticipating, I’m in my 28th or 29th week. (Since my first doctor’s appointment, they’ve said I’m a week ahead of my actual due date based on measure versus the calendar, a point reinforced at the hospital on my b-day when the ultrasound showed Baby P had already surpassed the two-pound mark at week 25).

I can promise you — since I’m a touch into my third trimester — that things are already changing daily and I feel way more pregnant now that I have in the past 20+ weeks combined. More to share soon!