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Today’s Friday Feature comes from one of my very favorite blogs — Can You Stay for Dinner — and, in my opinion, one of the most authentic voices in the blogosphere. I discovered Andie Mitchell through her incredible before and after photos on Pinterest and was immediately inspired and intrigued by her tremendous weight-loss journey.

Andie’s blog explores her love affair with food, body image issues, putting her mom on a diet, and her travel adventures. She’s from the next town over from me and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to hoping we might one day become best friends. One last confession: her recipe for PJ’s meatballs and tomato sauce actually bumped my mom’s epic old stand by out of rotation (sorry Mom!). They’re outstanding.

Anyhow, Andie recently wrote about the maintaining-weight-loss roller coaster and being invited to give a TEDx talk in the midst of feeling vulnerable about her body and as though she had “failed” because she had gained back weight in recent months.

It’s provocative, smart, and makes fantastic food for thought: