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Well, I knew the day was coming sooner or later. I did not want to go for a run last night. On National Running Day, no less. Day 10 of the streak. I was pooped.

So, I went home and napped.

And afterwards, I ran.

My right quad was wicked sore all day from the hills on my Tuesday night run, so I headed to Southfield for a flatter route than running from home.

On the ride over, the rando DJing E Street Radio reminded me that today marked the 30th anniversary of Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA album — a personal favorite. That made running on a grey night through Southfield even more appropriate. Nothing will make you feel moody and contemplative quite like a boarded up and abandoned military base.

The boarded up windows, the empty streets…

Okay, so not technically from Born in the USA, but all the same. With so much focus on ailing economies, barren landscapes, and wartime politics, it felt appropriate to be logging my miles in such a quiet, open space.

I ran five miles out and back, just bumming along, not in any particular rush. Knowing to expect downpours today and wanting to scale it back a bit before the hilly 10K on Saturday, I was glad to run a few extra miles so I can stick with an easy mile or two the next two days.

Any Springsteen fans? Favorite tune? Mine changes regularly, but I love The RiverThe RisingJunglelandAtlantic City, and — from Born in the USA — Working on the Highway.