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Bad news. Streak trouble.

You know the big red dot on Friday the 13th is killing me — and my #RWRunStreak ranking — but there’s a story I’ll share tomorrow (of course) and I’m working on getting over it. Almost.

OK, here’s the summary:

Monday, June 9 – 3.5 miles
Tuesday, June 10 – 3.5 miles
Wednesday, June 11 – 1.75 miles
Thursday, June 12 – 3.15 miles
Friday, June 13 – 0 miles – streak broken
Saturday, June 14 – 1.3 miles
Sunday, June 15 – 4.25 miles

Summer has finally arrived in New England and I’m thoroughly enjoying the beautiful weather. Thursday morning and Sunday night were especially pretty and comfortable, if I do say so myself. More to come about the late-week demise of my streak tomorrow, but for now, here’s how my week (literally) looked.

(Top left to right) Funky weather this week. A moody night, sunrise on my 30th birthday, and a sticky, foggy Saturday morning. (Bottom left to right) Dawn on the first day of a new decade. The bags under my eyes look more pronounced than ever. A tall, lean shadow on a beautiful Sunday night.

Wishing you a productive and energized start to your week.