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Did you have a nice weekend? They go pretty darn quick, don’t they? We had absolutely spectacular weather here in New England, so I was pleased to spend most of the weekend outside in the sun. This weekend I also wrapped up week 2 of the #RWRunStreak challenge after a sort-of-funky week of “freak accidents” and running. It’s a little weird to kick off the week with a recap instead of winding down, but here’s how it looked:

Monday, June 2 – 1.5 miles 
Tuesday, June 3 – 3.39 miles
Wednesday, June 4 – 5 miles
Thursday, June 5 – 1.5 miles
Friday, June 6 – 2 miles
Saturday, June 7 – 6.5 miles
Sunday, June 8 – 3.65 miles

This week presented a few more challenges than the first seven days, but that makes completing (or continuing) the challenge all the more satisfying. I kicked off the week with a rest day/recovery run, an early morning jog to satisfy the one-mile requirement. I got out nice and early and was able to recover on a warm sunny morning with breakfast on my back deck before work. What a way to kick off the week! In the afternoon, the early morning caught up with me, though, and on my walk from the office to the car I fell down, scraping and bruising my knee. Bummer.

Tuesday night’s club 5K was awesome and Wednesday night I really enjoyed a nice, easy out and back at Southfield, despite the midweek gloom. Thursday I had another bizarro accident. While having lunch with some co-workers in our conference room, I ran to my desk when I heard the phone ring and tweaked my right knee taking a corner. It definitely wasn’t hurt, but when I stretch it in certain directions, it’s a bit sore. At the same time, my right quad was feeling really uncomfortable from Tuesday night’s club run, so that night was definitely meant to be another rest night — 1.5 miles with some stick action to work on my quad. 

Friday had already been designated an easy run day in preparation for Saturday’s 10K. Nik got home from work early and we had company coming up from New Jersey, so I was extra eager to get out and back and on with my night. Too eager, I guess, because turning back onto my street after a mile and a half, I wasn’t paying attention and rolled my ankle hard core. It hurt badly. I did a couple of those wonky half limp hops and then stood around for a few minutes wondering if I was going to have to call for a ride home. It seemed to shake out, though, so I jogged home and spent most of the night with a bag of frozen peas on my ankle. Luckily, it was only sore when I stretched it laterally, not up and down, so probably just a little overextended.

Saturday morning was sunny and warm for the Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Half Festival 10K, but I ran it in fantastic company with my college friend, Kaitlyn. We ran side-by-side to mark the last race of our 20’s (we both turn the big 3-0 later this week) and our running dates have become one of my favorite hallmarks of our friendship. It was sweaty and a slog — with a full recap coming tomorrow — but I am so glad we did it.

I wrapped up week 2 with a run around my neighborhood Sunday morning. It was a scorcher — 79 and clear — and I was sweaty. I alternated one mile of running with one minute of walking to get it done, but definitely should have gotten out of bed earlier to make it happen. After a nice shower and cool down, my cousins returned from the Heartbreak Hill Half (I had dropped to the 10K and am so grateful I did. Yesterday washot!) and some more family came by the house to celebrate my birthday with a barbecue lunch. Crowded around the deck with good company and ample food, it was the perfect end to a wonderful weekend.

14 days down and 27 to go!

And, in case you missed it, you can find my Week 1 Recap here.