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Hi lovelies. I’m still here! Still here… but sitting still, unfortunately.

I don’t think I’ve run since I last wrote and I’m starting to think my running days might be on hold until after this baby arrives. After 30 super easy weeks of pregnancy, the last several have hit me hard, which is not a complaint, but a reality. I think my belly has (finally) doubled in size and I’ve certainly put on more weight in the last month than the first seven or eight (also, finally). The result, thanks especially to my sort of compact 5’3″ frame, is what I assume to be some pretty intense crowding and hard core tenderness pain in my ribs. That discomfort combined with some newly established insomnia that cropped up two weeks ago, means that if I manage to sleep at all (which has been rare), it’s generally fairly shoddy sleep with lots of groaning and rolling from one side to the other. Full disclosure: I never thought rolling over would be a legitimate challenge. In my head I had decided I could dodge that bullet. Fail.

In any case, waking up to run in the morning, or finding myself comfortable and alert enough to manage anything after work has been a challenge.

So, long story short, I’m still here, but not really running, which makes for a pretty boring blog when that’s more or less (more, mostly) the focus. There’s just not much to say about running (around the world or otherwise), when you haven’t been lacing up the sneaks.

Is there anything in particular you’d like to hear about? I’m planning a third trimester recap for next week (since I’ll be 36+ along by then and make no promises after) and also aim to do some yoga write-ups between now and d-day “b”-day (especially since I’m looking forward to a cool yoga event in the city tomorrow night), but I’m happy to indulge anything else you might be interested in.

Comment below with special requests!