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One of the rituals at Casa Pereira is sitting down to watch the Nightly News each evening. I may have mentioned it before, but it’s one of those things that from which we really don’t stray. One of the very best features of the program, in my opinion — especially in the midst of how much terrible news is happening around the world — is the Making a Difference story that wraps up the broadcast each night.

Tuesday night there were stories on ISIS, Ukraine, and Ebola… super uplifting, I know… but then Brian Williams lead into the closing story, about a tremendously talented runner, a high school boy with autism.

What was most remarkable (maybe… his talent is just off-the-charts… can you say 4:07 mile?!) was his answer to reporter Kate Snow’s question: do you think autism makes you a better runner? Mike Brannigan replied, “a better person.”