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I know it’s already Tuesday (late afternoon, no less), but wowza, what a beautiful weekend. I ended up with a weekend of the three-day variety after deciding to take a sick day Friday to sleep in and rest up. I’ve been feeling tremendously run down and zombie-like for the past few days and knowing that Baby P could make his or her arrival at any moment, I needed a few extra hours with my feet up and my eyes closed. A slightly longer weekend really did the trick.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that my weekend was pretty darn near perfect. The weather, the pace, the company. The whole bit. Perfect.

A throwback for reference: as a child, a priest taught us a way to pray if we weren’t sure “how.” Think about the best thing that happened that day, and then the worst. Say a prayer for something for tomorrow and think of a way you could improve. It was so utterly simple and grounding I’ve continued it into adulthood. During a particularly dark time in college, I literally wrote out these prayers each day, as if saying them to myself and to God might not be enough to hear them and embrace them myself.

Anyway, I say this because as I fell asleep on Saturday night, I said my prayers and realized I had an absolute glut of bests for the day and couldn’t come up with a single negative. Not one. Like I said, a perfect weekend. Got it? I figured.

Saturday morning was still scorching — our summer heat wave waited until September this year — but the sun was out and there was a beautiful breeze. After watching sports in bed to wake up and doing some cleaning, I got out my sneaks and spandex and headed out for a walk. I walked my usual easy run route, which is a three-mile loop in a neighborhood near home, one I know like the back of my hand. As I turned onto Easy Street (yes, for real) a gentleman in scrubs came out the front door to his car and called out to me, “You’re doing it right!” “Excuse me?” I asked, taking the headphones from my ears. “Keep it up! Exercise is just what the two of you need!” he replied. I’m not going to lie; I love me some validation from medical professionals. I floated home.

While floating, I was also basically sweating to death. It was super hot out there and almost all I could think about was going for a swim. I was completely obsessing and after lunch I miraculously convinced Nik (he of no interest in sun, heat, sand, or generally, happiness) to go with me to a little lake near our house. I drive past it twice a day on my way to and from work and all summer long I’ve wanted to stop by. It was awesome — not the most pristine by any stretch, but ten minutes from home and completely refreshing. “This place would be awesome for paddle boarding,” Nik conceded as we piled back into the car after I took my dip. So, in conclusion, we will be returning.

Sunday was equally fantastic, though far and away much lazier. Sundays in the Pereira house are for camping out and watching sports. We might throw in some slow-cooking or grilling if we’re feeling adventurous. Still, without fail there will be couches and inadvisable amounts of television consumption. This week all of my teams lost, but the day was still a win. We started with the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix at Monza. All of my favorites — Rosberg, Ricciardo, Bottas, Kobayashi (for F1 fans, I’m joking, but not joking), and anyone who isn’t Lewis Hamilton — lost. After some more cleaning we settled in for football, where the Patriots played like they were straight out of Pop Warner. It was just ugly. Follow that with the PGA and a[nother] Red Sox loss and I was fairly cranky.

Nothing another walk couldn’t cure. It was far more comfortable Sunday and the same three-mile loop got my endorphins flowing and made me feel just a little bit more productive.

I know it’s too late to check in on everyone’s weekend, so instead: how is this week coming along?How’d your teams play this weekend?And, finally, if you could only choose one — car racing, football, baseball, or golf — which would you choose?