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I was doing some reading yesterday, checking out a digest of stories that landed in my inbox from the Wanderlust Festival (also known as the yoga retreat that just may have changed my life) and after reading two quick interviews about a runner/yogi and a yogi/runner, started thinking about my core sport and finding balance in cross-training.

After nearly nine years of hitting the pavement (I celebrate anniversaries like they’re going out of style, so I mark occasions like that), running is definitely my core sport. My passion. The one I turn to without a doubt, whenever I can. I join a gym in the dead of winter only to let my membership expire — or, I’m ashamed to admit, pay the membership fee monthly when I haven’t stepped foot in the place in [currently] seven months — because running outside trumps the hamster wheel of a treadmill in almost any weather, any day of the week.

But then what about yoga, or a flirtation with barre, or swimming or cycling for a tri. Balance is obviously best, but I’d love to know how everyone else manages it. Are you all or nothing? Do you have the structure down pat? I have a tendency to jump in with both feet to whatever of-the-moment workout I’m feeling, gradually falling out of lust and back in love with simply putting one foot in front of the other.

How can one commit to a regular yoga practice, while continuing to feed a now lifelong dedication to running?

Help a girl out. Comments to share, please!