Short stories from long runs

This blog about my run and training

So, I had sort of assumed the six weeks of no activity after delivering a baby was flexible and that I’d be back at it within three or four. Turns out not so much. I feel really great and capable of a bit more walking and some yoga, but the doctors really aren’t into that suggestion, so I’m hanging out, taking “strolls” and waiting for my six week appointment while lapping up the down time with this new little man. Unfortunately, it makes for dull content in the way of “short stories from long runs.” Instead, I am really only able to dredge up ruminations from walks to the end of the block.

What am I doing to pass the time? Funny you should ask:

Thursday, October 16.

1:30 AM, wake up and realize the baby is still asleep. Do my requisite “security check” at the bassinet — he hasn’t spit up, is still breathing, and seems warm enough. Back to bed for mom.

3:00 AM, my alarm goes off and Henry still hasn’t woken himself to eat, though it’s been five hours. I take him to the nursery to wake up slowly, change his diaper, and head back to my bed to nurse. Poor dude is tired, but manages to eat for 25 minutes or so, spread across the hour.

3:49 AM, ready to put the baby back to bed, but now he’s wide awake, thanks to burping. I take advantage of his snuggliness and rock him back to sleep. We’re both back to bed by 4:00.

6:00-7:00 AM, Henry fusses a little, and his grunts and groans wake me. I’ve learned not to jump to pick him up, as he usually falls back asleep. Nik is up getting ready for work, but I’m still drowsy and roll back over.

7:30 AM, good morning! I get out of bed and take advantage of a few minutes quiet to make a cup of tea and toast with peanut butter. I’ve been plagued with headaches the past few days and think I need more water and to eat before I’m starving.

7:45 AM, Henry wakes up and cries, so I change his diaper. Still content, we FaceTime with my mom in New Jersey to show off Henry’s sleeper that she gave him. Upon realizing he was nearly 10 pounds yesterday, we’re moving out of newborn gear and into 0-3 months. Henry stares and Mom and I catch up until Henry feels left out and cries, wanting to be fed.

8:07-8:40 AM, morning feed! I have a happy baby on my hands this morning, and hungry, too. Yesterday at my hospital’s nursing support group, the lactation consultant assured me that as long as I’m nursing, it’s impossible to feed the baby too much. She says he’ll simply stop when he’s full. He’s a rockstar eater though, and can’t seem to get enough.

9:00-11:00 AM, the baby falls asleep and takes a solid nap, allowing me two hours to finally catch up on the blog. I finish writing the tome that is Henry’s arrival story, re-read it about a half dozen times to see if I should be too embarrassed to click publish, and decide to go for it. Deep breaths. I also order Henry’s Halloween costume, peruse birth announcements, and eat raisins and a granola bar for snack. As Henry is waking up, I mentally create a to-do list for the afternoon that includes actually making the bed, putting away laundry, and working on a craft project for the nursery that I’ll probably put off a few more days.

11:10 AM, got “dressed” before the walk by swapping out boxer shorts for jeans, but changed back into the boxers upon returning home. Scrambled at 4 PM when I realized Nik was almost home and changed into yoga pants. Fancy, I know.

11:15 AM, we head out for a walk in the rain. The forecast for the day is terrible, but getting worse as the day goes on, so Henry and I opt for fresh air early. He’s not totally pumped, but once I put his favorite song on my iPhone, he calms down.

11:45 AM, oh my gosh… it’s been three hours since Henry last ate and he wants me to know it. He’s wailing by the time we get back home from our walk and eats voraciously. No wonder he’s getting so big.

12:25 PM, Make the bed (victory!)

12:30 PM, nursing lulls Henry back to sleep, so I take advantage of some cuddling before we head downstairs for my lunch. I try to get him to hang out in his spaceship, but he pitches a fit, so we swap him into the Boba wrap (for the first time) while I make a sandwich and chocolate chip cookies. Success. He looks skeptical, but that’s sort of his standard look, and he falls asleep within a few minutes.

1:30 PM, I know our days of all-day napping are probably numbered, so with Henry still out, I transfer him from the wrap to his bassinet and take advantage of the saying sleep when the baby sleeps. (1:29 PM, unmake the bed before nap)

3:00 PM, holy nap! The dark, rainy day really lent itself to deep sleep! I rush to take a few minutes to work on the blog, make the bed, and put away the laundry before Henry wakes up and Nik gets home from work.

4:00 PM, I’m probably going to pay for Henry’s long naps later tonight… Just as Nik walks in from work, Henry starts to wake up and fuss. After a diaper change and eating, we all enjoy some playtime on the bed, which mostly consists of Henry staring and some bouncing. He also loves when we bicycle his legs. We take advantage of the baby’s contentedness and FaceTime my dad, who is coming to visit next week. He hasn’t seen Henry in person since he was three days old, so a lot has changed!

5:15 PM, after a slight diaper mishap (“slight” depends on who you ask. Nik wouldn’t call it slight…) we decide it’s time for Henry’s first real bath (not in the sink… just maintaining the little guy’s dignity). It’s adorable and he doesn’t hate it. No tears!

6:00 PM, Nik and I pop a bottle of prosecco and take advantage of grown up dinner time while Henry takes a catnap in his spaceship. Having slow-roasted a giant container of cherry tomatoes before the baby arrived, I toss them over linguine and comment at least a half dozen times on how delicious they are. The prosecco isn’t bad either.

6:52 PM, dinnertime for Henry, followed by snuggles with his auntie Corey, who came by for a visit (and, I suspect, a glass of prosecco).

8:30 PM, witching hour(s) begins! This has been an off-and-on development in the last week or so, complete with wailing and complete sleep resistance. Nik, Corey, and I pass the baby around to try and soothe him while watching the Patriots-Jets Thursday Night Football game. Having slept all day long, it’s hard to blame him.

9:00 PM, we give another feeding a try. Henry eats, but is inconsolable. The tears persist and then he calms down for a spell long enough to doze off, only to wake himself back up. Nik and I continue passing him back and forth for another hour or so, until he falls asleep.

Sometime around 11:00 PM, the Patriots win… or rather, the Jets lose on a blocked field goal! Bedtime for the parents.

Highlight of the day? The success of our Boba wrap! Or bath time… or actually getting out for a walk in the rain. Thursday was a good day. Share your highlights of the week in the comments below.