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In the beginning: registered 11.22.05

In honor of “Flashback Friday” and tomorrow, which is my nine-year RUNiversary, here’s a throwback post from last year. Interestingly, it documents some of accomplishments over the previous eight years and includes goals for the year to come, including:

I aspire to add a half Ironman to the list in 2014 and one day, an actual whole-shebang Ironman. I’d like to run at least 10 marathons, to get my marathon time under 4:00, and one day, run (safely) throughout a pregnancy. It would be really, really cool to run the Comrades Ultramarathon, too. Put it on the list.

2014 hasn’t included a half Ironman, but only because it instead included running safely throughout a pregnancy. What a year indeed.

Have a wonderful weekend, checking off some goals while setting yourself up to go after others.