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Henry turned 10-weeks old yesterday, which seems absolutely impossible. Double digits (weeks, not months or years, I know) already?! He’s a wonderful baby — happy and healthy and absolutely melting my heart on a daily basis, so earlier in the week I decided to share another “day in the life” post to bring you all up to speed. 

Nik’s parents and sister have been visiting from India for the past few weeks, so we’ve had a full house and Henry has had even more snuggles and attention than usual. He’s a charmer and is loving his grandparents — Mom and Mini — and auntie Nicole.

When I decided to log Tuesday’s activities to mark 10-weeks of motherhood, I had no idea it would be the most tiring 24 hours I’ve had so far. That said, I do believe the blogosphere is often in need of a bit more real talk and let me tell you, yesterday was REAL.

Tuesday, December 2.

This face is just a little foreshadowing to get things started:

1:50something AM, wake up because Henry is going to town eating his hands and it is LOUD! Try to go back to sleep, but alas!

2:04 AM, decide to nurse Henry. I can’t tell if he’s actually awake, but he was turbo fussy last night. I mean, I’m awake at 2 in the morning, so I decide to go for it instead of waiting until he cries now or in a few hours. 

2:34 AM, dude was hungry! Finish nursing and snuggle for awhile, since he isn’t burping in his sleep. Still nothing sweeter than having this little guy asleep on my chest.

2:54 AM, back to bed.

3:39 AM, ummmmm. He’s up. And he’s angry. This is especially weird because for the past two weeks, Henry’s been sleeping through the night from about 9 PM until 6:30 AM. Waking up twice in the night basically hasn’t happened since week one. We rock, we walk, we bicycle his legs, take gas drops, wail-wail-wail, bounce…

4:37 AM, it’s been two hours, so I try feeding to calm him down. 

5:20 AM, okay, he’s out. I’m near tears. Back to bed. 

9:04 AM, daytime this time. Change an insane diaper and nurse Henry. He’s much happier this time around. 

9:30 AM, burping turns into playtime. Burping alone could be a full time job and he almost always spits up anyway. In the past two weeks, playtime has become so much more fun as Henry has become so much more expressive. He knows Nik and I now and recognizes our voices from different rooms in the house and our faces from a good distance. His smiling reaction when he sees me is pretty much my favorite.

10:28 AM, attempt a nap when Henry starts to fuss and yawn. He’s been rocked to sleep nearly exclusively so I’m starting to work on having him soothe himself. It’s brutal. 

10:58 AM, experiment over. No sleep, but no screaming either. 

11:00 AM, we head out on a walk with Auntie Nicole. Beautiful, warm weather! We’ve been going nearly every day and Henry and I are both loving it. Henry sleeps until we hit the driveway after, but still managed a nice 45-minutes of a fresh air nap. 

12:12-14 PM, tummy time… Short lived! Henry has really strong legs, but hasn’t quite figured out how to use his arms and shoulders. Since he starts getting cranky about laying on his tummy, Mama flips him over for play time instead. We play with rattles and puppets and make funny sounds with Mama and Nicole. Things go a bit downhill from here.

1:05 PM, baby’s lunch time. I pray he will take a nap. Instead he pees on me. I swear, I’m so soaked it’s like I wet my own pants. Nice going, Henry.

1:40 PM, Henry goes into the Mamaroo for a nap. Fingers crossed. 

2:05 PM, after staring and entertaining himself for 15 minutes or so, Henry starts whimpering. I can tell he’s exhausted, but resisting. Since I’m probably just as tired, I pick him up and rock him. He falls asleep on my chest instantly. 

2:26 PM, oh my gosh, he’s awake. Again. Trying the Mamaroo. Again. 

2:46 PM, nope.

3:03 PM, desperate for him to calm down and rest, I feed him again. 

3:45 PM, more desperate, we go for a drive. 15 minutes in he falls asleep. On the way home I stop at Dunkin Donuts in case the nap doesn’t stick. I’m exhausted. 

4:19 PM, nap time for real this time?

4:21 PM, nope.

4:22-5:45 PM, instead of napping, Henry and I play in bed. We make noises (calling it talking would be a bit of a stretch), smile and stare at the fan and our photo frames. He kicks a lot, stretches his arms, and practices sucking his thumb (whole hand). Thanks to my Dunks and this insanely cute baby, I almost forget how tired I am. 

6:03-6:34 PM, we nurse again. Holy hell. This time, he eats and passes out. Thank goodness. I skip burping and let him rest. I nap, too, until Nik comes home and calls out my name when he doesn’t see me asleep in our chair in the bedroom (yes, really). Henry sleeps through dinner and while Nik and I decorate the Christmas tree with his parents and sister, until 8:00. 

8:00 PM, Henry wakes and is UNhappy. I should have burped him! After a bit of rocking and a diaper change, he chills out. He’s excited to see Daddy and to check out the lights on the Christmas tree. Since we got the tree on Sunday, he definitely has a what’s that doing here look when we’re in the living room. 

9:09 PM, we head upstairs. I pray tonight goes better than last. 

9:19-57 PM, bedtime feed. Henry is kind of jumpy while I burp him, but settles down and falls asleep. I’m actually really nervous tonight! I’ve been so lucky that Henry has slept well that I’m generally really well rested myself. The lack of sleep today has me jittery and I can’t imagine how I’d function if he slept this little every day.

10:24 PM, he’s down. I’m down. Hoping (praying!) this is the last update until 6:30 tomorrow morning. 

Since I promised real talk, I should share that in typing out these notes and reflecting on the day yesterday, I realize it really wasn’t a “bad” day. Over the past 24 hours, I’ve counted my blessings lots that Henry is such an easygoing guy. On a normal day, or with a little more rest overnight, the lack of naps wouldn’t have fazed me at all. A month of so after Henry was born, my sister remarked that she thought being a new mom meant I was supposed to be way more tired all the time. I completely agreed and after yesterday, could see what she meant. We are really, really lucky.

And again, real talk: this kid has more than made up for a tough day in the 24 hours that followed. He still woke up to nurse around 3 AM or so, but went right back down and slept until morning. Nik changed his diaper before leaving for work and I nursed him around 7, but then he went back to sleep in bed with me (I know, I know) until 10 AM… and went BACK down for nap almost three hours ago. In between, he was a delight.

In conclusion, I guess, Henry continues to keep us on our toes, but not without a great deal of laughter, thousands of cell phone photos, and now, baby babble conversation. We have lots to be thankful for this year, for sure.

How is YOUR week going?

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