Short stories from long runs

This blog about my run and training

Welcome back! I hope those of you who had yesterday off (like me!) enjoyed your long weekend! Not only was it a wild weekend of playoff football; in New England, we endured some truly crazy weather with our AFC Championship victory.

Saturday morning, my alarm went off and it was a chilly 7 degrees. Ohmygosh. Who knows what the “real feel” was with windchill; I decided it was better if I didn’t know. I layered up, grabbed a steaming cup of tea with my English muffin and headed out to meet some CRR runners.

I pulled into the Starbucks parking lot at 7:28, two minutes to spare to the official meeting time, and wondered if the posse of four runners a couple steps down the road were the ones I was supposed to be meeting.

Do I chase them down? I thought to myself. Bag it and go back to bed? But then I wondered if those runners were passing by coincidence and those that I was meeting hadn’t yet arrived. I sat in the car debating, but was pretty sure I missed the boat, since the SUV next to me boasted a 26.2 bumper sticker. 

I revved the car back up and hop-scotched the runners, deciding instead to park up the road and join in. Will power, I tell you what. I stood on the side of the road as they approached and then joked, I hope it isn’t too creepy that I tracked you guys down mid-run! Scanning their faces, I realized NONE of them were the girl I knew who was supposed to be there. My stomach turned, thinking I had just flagged down a completely random group of friends, unrelated to the group I was meeting. Wait, are you guys with CRR? I asked, panicked. They were, and apologized for leaving early. They explained they had been freezing waiting around and assumed most people who RSVP’ed had skipped out.

We were on our way.

To be honest, the cold was better than I expected, since I was dressed appropriately. With only one layer of tights on, my legs were cold, to be sure, but not to the point that I felt unprepared. On the contrary, I felt strong and comfortable. We ran a route I was only partially familiar with and when we popped back out on the road I knew, I was thrilled by our progress. I finished seven miles easily and in good company, my longest run in almost a year.

It was a good thing I didn’t try to make a habit of running the same number miles and degrees Fahrenheit because Sunday was 45 and Lord know that wasn’t happening. Ever. It was windy, grey, and raining buckets for most of the day and I just wasn’t feeling it. Henry’s nights have been pretty rough since I went back to work, so workouts have been day to day. Sunday was a stay-in-our-pajamas day from start to finish.

Luckily, Monday was darn near perfect, especially for January. The warm temperatures stuck around and the sun came out, so I knew from the moment we woke up that I wanted to take Henry out in his stroller; you never know if we’ll see weather this good again before April, after all.
My sister and her boyfriend Chris came over to see the baby and decided to come with us. Cait walked Henry, I did a 5.5 out and back and Chris joined me for the first mile and a half to get three miles in himself. I forgot my phone at home and without music or pacing information, it was good to just go. It was so nice out and I felt so good, I must have been running with a big smile on my face… until the turnaround, at least. Then, the entire way back the headwind was unbelievable. Still, my legs felt strong, the weather was beautiful, and I was thrilled for the opportunity to be out running on such a nice day while Henry had time with his aunt.

Even though I bailed on Sunday, which would have given me another four miles, it’s been ages since I had a double-digit weekend and it felt great to be back. I’ve been completely floored by how strong and healthy I feel easing back in after baby and am encouraged that the healthy choices I made during (and after) pregnancy are paying off now, even if they didn’t do anything to expedite labor.

Let’s hear about your weekend. Did anyone run with friends or have an outing that made your day?