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Whew! This week was a doozy! First I fell down the stairs and then we were socked with more than two feet of snow in a blizzard Tuesday. In the meantime, I came down with a cold that left me feeling like a cross between the Winter Olympics Bob Costas and Super Bowl press conference Tom Brady: ugly and wiping my nose on my sleeve.

Anyhow, I’m rebounding and back to work today and was totally pumped up by this empowering English ad campaign: This Girl Can.

Uncovered in the This Girl Can study and inspiring the campaign was the fact that many girls and women don’t start exercising because of a fear of judgment. Good Lord, the judgment has got to stop. Girls, it’s time to prop each other up; to encourage one another to keep going; to tell our lady friends damn right you’re hot.

Learn more, meet the girls, and check out the making of the videos on the The Girl Can home. When I’m snuggled up working on eking my way back to 100% this weekend, that’s what I’ll be doing.

Have a sweaty, jiggly, kick ass good time weekend.

(Go Patriots!)