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Big day here in mi casa: I went back to work and the little dude started day care. I didn’t think I was going to cry (spoiler: WRONG), but made it through the day and felt strangely at home despite my four month leave. A sign I’m in the right place? Maybe. First day back adrenaline? Probably that too.

In any case, I’ve had some outstanding workouts in the past two weeks or so, and have felt completely inspired to write and talk with you guys, but my gosh, between snuggling, working, running and nursing (seriously, it’s a second full-time job), squeezing in writing is going to take some getting used to. As I write, Henry is asleep on my chest and I’m drafting in my iPhone notes.


So, even though I’m taking a break from running this week to ease into this new schedule, I’ve had some fun outings recently that I’ve been excited to share. Last weekend, Henry and I participated in the winter iteration of my club’s fun run series, taking on four miles with the jogger. We were coming off a nasty cold and so a few unanticipated rest days, but we finished right in the middle of the group and I was excited to see from the results that at my usual pace and without the stroller, I likely would have logged a top five.

New Year’s morning was awesome, too. Nik promised to join me at the club’s annual BrrrRUNch (get it?!), so he and Henry camped out in the church’s banquet room while I ran 5K with about 100 other runners. It was chilly, but bright and clear, and I ran with my Daily Mile friend Gina. I held her back a bit, I think, but I loved catching up and hearing her advice and war stories, since her little guy is only a few months older than mine. It felt great to be out on a winter morning and really fun to experience the camaraderie of such a nice group of athletes.

via Bud Morton / CRR

I’m working on brainstorming and finalizing my goals for the coming year, running a little late because I’d rather set them strategically and thoughtfully than just throwing ’em out and seeing what sticks. One of them, for sure, is to finally run a 1:4x half marathon, with my sights set on New Jersey April 27. I’m toying with including conquering a handstand in yoga, too.

Any ideas for me, athletic or otherwise? How did you ring in the new year? What are you going after in 2015?