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We are facing sub-zero temps here in Boston this week (this morning was 26 and felt downright tropical), which means I picked the right week to take off from working out. I decided to take it easy this week due to heading back to work and needing some transition where I didn’t push myself in all arenas, so since I don’t have any workout recaps or morsels to share, I wanted to take one last look back at 2014.

On New Year’s Day, we set up shop around my sisters’ dinner table with some family and friends for a nice dinner to kick off the year. Conversation inevitably turned to resolutions, but also, looking back. Could you name a highlight for each month of the year? our friend Katie challenged. It got me thinking and I thought it might be a fun exercise for all of you, too, if you’re interested in playing before we’re completely entrenched in the new year.

January – January was cuh-ra-zy in all good ways. First, I finished up at my old job and jumped into a new one. In between, we found out we were expecting Henry. Surprise! To wrap up the month, we traveled to New Jersey for a surprise 80th birthday party for my grandmother (amazing) and we shared the baby news with my parents that weekend, too. Not a bad kick off to the year.

February – Nik had worked in Portland, Maine for more than a year when I finally made the trip with him for a weekend getaway. I was feeling fairly mediocre pregnancy-wise, but was so excited to see his beautiful hotel, eat at some of his favorite restaurants, and indulge at Standard Baking Company and The Holy Donut. Yum.

March – Last year, I decided to give Facebook up for Lent. It was a totally spur of the moment decision (the morning of Ash Wednesday), but I absolutely loved it. I am definitely social-addicted, but taking some time away from FB to just be present was a welcome break. The side-effect, though, was that I was instead hardcore into Instagram.

April – We took an absolutely crazy, but completely worthwhile week-long trip to India in April in honor of my father-in-law’s 75th birthday. The travel was insane, but the visit was precious. Aside from the wonderful birthday party, another highlight was celebrating Easter mass. Mass was celebrated in English and Gujurati, which was tremendously interesting. Given the high ceilings and echoing, I actually couldn’t understand anything in either language the entire time.

May – One of my oldest and best friends, Andrea, got married in May at a beautiful venue on Long Beach Island. Nik and I drove down from my parents house with another set of best friends, Dave and Kim, and at the party we also got to celebrate with my maid-of-honor and cousin Heather, and my aunt and uncle, Dan and Kim. We had a blast and there’s nothing like celebrating alongside wonderful family and friends, especially when worlds collide!

June – I ran my only race of 2015 in June, the Heartbreak Hill 10K with my friend, Kaitlyn. It was a scorching hot weekend, but so much fun to get out and make it happen. My cousins were also in town to run the half marathon, I ran into some Team In Training friends on the course, and the whole thing had a distinctly celebratory air. Lots of fun.

July – When I lived in California, my wonderful friend Christy and I went to the second night of Justin Timberlake’s FutureSex/LoveShow tour and had the time of our lives (even if we felt like the oldest people there). Since then, we’ve made a habit of seeing big productions together, like the JT/Jay-Z show at Fenway in 2013. This year, I traveled to Pennsylvania to celebrate Christy and my godson Austin’s birthday, seeing Bruno Mars perform at Hershey Park Stadium while I was there. One word: charisma.

August – It may have taken eight months, but my gosh, in August my pregnancy felt really real. My mom and sisters threw me a baby shower at my mom’s house in New Jersey and it was the perfect, intimate affair, complete with a children’s book theme. Henry’s little library is ah-mazing.

September – To put it simply: Henry.

October – After Henry’s arrival, we had lots of company to meet the little guy. My mom and grandmother visited a couple of times, my brother visited from Philadelphia, and between that and having my sisters living just 10 minutes away, I enjoyed a lot of quality time with my tribe as I figured out new-motherhood.

November – With my in-laws visiting from India, we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving — my favorite day of the year — with both of our families. It was really fun to introduce my in-laws to one of my favorite traditions alongside so many of my aunts, uncles, and cousins, and for Henry to meet so much extended family, as well.

December – While Christmas and the holidays are an obvious highlight of any year, my favorite memory of December was Henry’s baptism. Henry was baptized by the same priest, in the same church where Nik and I married. Henry was an absolute angel, giggling through the ceremony when he heard Father Jack’s booming voice. He wore a beautiful Christening gown that my mother made from my wedding dress, was baptized with a beautiful dish gifted to him by my sister Corey, and was celebrated by so many family members, including his fantastic godparents, my cousins Allison and Owen. We had a nice, intimate service followed by lunch at our favorite restaurant, and despite terrible weather, it was one of the best days of the year.

Your turn! Did you have an especially special highlight or favorite month in 2014?