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Um, time is flying. Fuh-ly-ing. Since my last life-with-a-baby update was back at 10-weeks, we are definitely overdue for another. Henry is in daycare full time now, since I went back to work in early January. So, while weekdays are frenetic in their own way, weekends are much more fun to recap, with lots of face time with the little man.

We are learning all the time and have gotten to know each other well. In the very early weeks, I noted that one thing I really looked forward to was the day when Henry would reach for me. He started about a week ago and it’s just as sweet as I imagined.

Here’s a Sunday recap to mark a day in the life with Henry at 20-weeks old.

1:50something am, wake up and realize I must have turned off the 1:30 alarm. Get Henry up to nurse. We had him almost weaned from eating in the middle of the night, but at at his four month appointment found his weight gain had slowed. We added the nighttime feeding back in for the extra calories and because he’s usually so sleepy that he doesn’t spit up. 

2:19 am, snuggles and entertain myself when I realize every time I kiss his nose, Henry gives me a big smile in his sleep.

2:25 am, put the little man back to bed. I follow.

5:38 am, I hear Henry talking to himself in his crib. Let him be a few minutes but then go check on him. He’s babbling and rolling around. Get him up, clean him up, and bring him to bed with us. Nurse.

6:07 am, done nursing. Burp and snuggle. There’s nothing like when Henry sticks his thumb in his mouth and plops his little head down on my shoulder.

6:15 am, back to bed.

7:00 am, Henry wakes up and is wailllling. Graciously, Nik gets up with him and I roll over.

7:57 am, I get up. Make tea and coffee and start the day. 

8:14-22 am, Henry is fussing so I feed him. He’s messing around and I can tell, so I cut him off. He cries for about half a second before he forgets and starts playing again. I thought it was a little soon to be hungry.

9:40-10:20 am, I leave Henry and Nik and head over to urgent care for a check-up on my ribs. I have the sweetest nurse ever who has a five month old (I should have gotten her name and number!) and the same doc as two weeks back. Nothing new, but he’s pretty sure I have a few hairline fractures. Two weeks down, four to six until I should be fully operational. No exercise until the pain is gone.

10:43 am, fill up at the gas station (lesson learned), pick up some juice for H-man and home. He’s napping, face down in the crib, arm hanging out. 

10:54 am, put (weeks old) laundry away and pick up our bedroom. Pick up the kitchen. Generally tidy things up.

12:10 pm, up from nap and full of smiles. Henry’s been having some “digestive stuff” so we try apple juice for the first time. Oh my god.

12:38 pm, sugar rush in full effect. Henry is always really active and playful, but this is on a whole new level. He can’t stop laughing or jumping around on my lap.

1:30 or 2ish pm, nurse and nap on Mama’s shoulder. [My goodness, I didn’t realize how often this dude eats until reading back through this recap.]

2:28 pm, He’s up and we play our favorite game: snack on Henry’s toes and fingers. He lounges on my lap, giggling.

2:51 pm, bath time! This is another favorite. The countdown is on until Henry is old enough to start swimming lessons. We might have a prodigy on our hands.

4:15 pm, The mamaroo rocks Henry to sleep for an afternoon nap. Up again at almost exactly 5:00. 

5:14 pm, Henry’s dinner time followed by FaceTime Pippi and Papa (my parents). Henry chats up a storm and continuously dive-bombs the phone, trying to eat it.

6:00ish pm, dinner for Mama and Daddy. Food is a little scare in the house this weekend and motivation is even scarcer. Nik makes eggs and it’s perfect.

6:45-7:06 pm, let’s just call it naked playtime. We get an extra 15 minutes of happy play if we let Henry lay around in his diaper before bed. He chews on his feet, blows raspberries, and is generally happy, flailing around in his diaper.

7:07-27 pm, bedtime routine: diaper and pajamas, followed by bedtime stories, lullabies and a goodnight prayer. Henry is asleep before I even get out the door.

7:29 pm, ice cream and NCIS for the grownups. I sort of ate exclusively junk food today. Brownies, Twizzlers, Cheez-Its, ice cream. Like I said, the food situation and motivation isn’t prime for good choices. The snow is killing us. I remark that on NCIS the weather is always amazing. Maybe we should move to DC.

8:59 pm, wake the baby for a dream feed and his medicine. Two or three weeks ago, he wasn’t pumped about his medicine (which helps with spitting up). Now he laps it up like dessert.

9:16 pm, snuggles and I turn on the Grammy’s. Nik goes to bed; he’s the latest to fall victim of the horrific plague we are passing around the house. It’s his second round.

9:36 pm, Man, I love Pharrell. He’s wearing shorts, glitter sneakers, that hat and skipping around the stage. He’s 40-something. Awesome. This show is so weird.

9:39 pm, Henry goes back to bed and I turn off the TV to read a chapter before bed. 

9:57 pm, set the alarm for 1:30 and head to bed myself. We have another snow day tomorrow, so I get to skip getting the diaper bag, bottles, and lunch prep for a change. Another Monday in sweats at home with my boys!

What’s your life looking like these days? What are you reading? Did you watch the Grammy’s?

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