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Chocolat. Loved the movie, love the real thing. Pretty much everyone does, and for good reason, right? Plus, you know how heavily we rely on the health benefits. I dread the day the latest health story on the Nightly News confesses, whoops! Chocolate isn’t the key to happiness, health, longevity, and love, after all. I can’t even. Antioxidants, people.

In a writing seminar junior year in college, the professor asked us to write a list of our guilty pleasures, then narrow down our top two. Chocolatecan’t be on your list, she instructed. Stop equating chocolate with guilt.

Do you have a favorite kind, a splurge, or sensory memory of the best you’ve ever had? Do you love the indulgent, the decadent, or Swiss Miss and Hershey bars?

Not one to forget my roots, I don’t turn my nose up at Tootsie Rolls or Kisses, though in the times of Whole Foods, and organic, and local, my allegiance has shifted from Reeses Cups to the Justin’s dark chocolate version. I love a “Double Stuf” Oreo (or three), but baked hundreds of sea salt dusted chocolate crisps inspired by a local chef for our wedding. Like with most things, I run the gamut.

A year or two ago, Nik and I took a chocolate-themed walking tour in Boston’s South End, indulging at one itty bitty chocolate shop on chocolate-stuffed beignets: a small ball of rich dark chocolate frozen, then dropped into batter and transferred so, so quickly into a little fryer before being dusted with confectioner’s sugar and popped into your mouth in just one, explosive bite.

Another. Late morning, mid-summer on vacation in Zurich, Switzerland. Perfect already, right? After strolling two floors of absolutely heavenly treats at Sprungli, Nik and I settled with his cousin Lisa at a bistro table on the cobblestone sidewalk, huddled beneath an umbrella. In front of me, a sundae glass filled with layers of coffee, chocolate, cream, and liquor, at first separate and then stirred into a cloudy mocha mix, topped with a huge puff of whipped cream already beginning to drip down the sides.

There are other, simpler occasions and memories — snapping the corner of a dark chocolate bar and letting it melt on my tongue as a delicious, satisfying end to a most-likely-mediocre lunch at the office cafeteria, or, more recently, splurging on an absurdly priced but out-of-this-world fantastic chocolate bar speckled with bits of potato chip — a fancy and overpriced spin on salty and sweet.

And for dessert, 5 delectable dark chocolates you need to try right now. Also, this. And there’s a yummy-sounding one in the book I just reviewed.

Recommendations, please!