Short stories from long runs

This blog about my run and training

I completed the first core workout as part of the ten day challenge with Yoga International Monday night and then night two about 12 hours ago. To be honest, I wanted to skip it. I thought about shifting each day by one, and then realized how crummy it was that I was making excuses before the workout or the challenge even started. This coming from the girl who has been desperately missing running for the past three plus weeks since going Humpty Dumpty on our staircase (good lord, nursery rhymes?!). 

So, I did it. And it felt great. Ten minutes… that’s all! It fired up my core, stretched me out, and reminded me that there are some muscles in there still. My back and ribs had been sore most of the afternoon from overdoing it a touch with the baby — he simply loves when I lift him in the air over my head and I can’t resist his little giggles — so I could feel them during the poses, but they weren’t any worse after than before, which is the barometer I’m working with.

Last night, for my second workout, I did a 15-minute routine and loved how different it was. No crunches, but instead a variety of poses and movements I’ve never done before. If long runs on new courses seem longer to me in their lack of familiarity, these core challenges are the opposite (they are also simply brief). By concentrating exclusively on the pose or motion I’m doing at right that moment, and listening to the instructor’s direction or alignment suggestion, the minutes click right by. And in the meantime, I work!

Its not too late to join!

Since I’m firmly entrenched in gentle workout territory and therefore have almost nothing to say on the fitness front, I wanted to share a real life yoga class I took at Wanderlust Stratton.

I attended the 2013 festival and it was life changing. Life. Changing. It gave me perspective on judgement, on self, on being stronger than you think you are. It challenged me to practice more yoga than I had ever attempted before. I completed something like 13 hours feeling energized instead of depleted. Meditation, partner yoga, breath-of-fire. It was awesome.

Very, very unfortunately, I can’t attend this year. The Stratton event falls the same weekend as a major work shebang I host and the others just aren’t practical with an infant at home and limited dollars in the bank.

That saidfortunately I can relive the glory days with Ana Forrest and can share the Wanderlust experience with those of you who might be curious about checking it out now or in the future.

Another benefit of being able to “Stalk Your Fear” from the comfort of your own home: you can unabashedly rock tiger-print spandex from bottom to top.

I’m actually in the class below.

Who’s doing the core challenge with me? How’s it going? Tell me about a time you “stalked” your fear.