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It’s Friday the thirteenth and time for my semi-regular wannabe moment.

Have you seen this making the rounds on social media yet?

I was already in love with this song and am now teetering on the edge of obsessed, thanks to this video where the song is mashed up with a stark-but-lush abandoned white room in a forest and a basically naked, brooding, tattooed ballet dancer. And can we just take a second for the possibly-actually-holy moment when the photographer captures the light perfectly at 3:04?

Seriously stunning. Also, I’d like to spend the weekend in an over-sized leather chair, with a good book and blanket in the middle of that room now, please. (Because I imagine it’s 70-degrees there and definitely not forecast for 18 inches of snow in the next three days.)

Have a soulful, creative, take-your-breath-away weekend, and happy Valentine’s, too.

P.S. I’ve been known to have ballerina moments before.