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Any baseball fans out there? Yeah? Have you heard of the Van Man, Daniel Norris? Because he’s awesome.

Also, not terrible looking.

And, apparently, a good sport. Teammate R.A. Dickey stole his van — his HOME — a week or two ago, and drove it onto the infield.

So, this guy is a millionaire and the Toronto Blue Jays’ top prospect. He grew up in an outdoorsy and down to earth family and despite being drafted straight out of high school, maintained a part-time job at an outdoor retailer so he’d have opportunities to get outside to camp, backpack, and kayak. He lives in a VW bus, works out in the Walmart parking lot where he lives, and keeps a thought journal that he writes in by the light of his camp headlamp.

Like I said, he’s the man.

With number of violent, despicable sports stories that overwhelm sports media, I’m so encouraged when I see someone humble, down-to-earth, and true to himself. On the same note, I loved the lengthy profile of family-man Ken Griffey Jr. featured on Bleacher Report last week. Compare Griffey and A-Rod, right? Yikes.

Have an authentic, simple, kick-ass-life weekend.