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Kid President. Just what I needed on a rainy Friday. The timing of this video, which I saw for the first time this morning, couldn’t be more perfect.

I was pretty tired this morning — Henry got up at 3:30 for some snuggles — and I realllllly wished it was Saturday. Alas, eight more hours between me and the weekend. Anyhow, Henry taught himself how to blow raspberries and decided to unveil his new skill with oatmeal and peas at the breakfast table. I couldn’t find something to wear so I ended up in a suit (a SUIT!). And, again, it’s rainingGloomyYuck.

Obviously, I needed to turn it around.

Sitting in traffic, I detoured into the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru and decided while waiting that I wanted to do a random act of kindness to rally my Friday morning. I know, random acts of kindness are best kept quiet, but I wanted to share because they just feel SO good and I wanted to put the idea in your head, too.

I paid for the order from the car behind me and went on my way with a big smile on my face. It cost me all of a buck fifty, if that. Tell him to have an awesome weekend, I told the cashier.

To be awesome, Kid President says, treat people awesome.

This weekend, do something sweet for a family member, neighbor, or stranger. Smile and say hello. Put down the phone and look people in the eye. Buy a coffee, or a doughnut, or a bouquet of daffodils (they’re $2.99 a bunch at the place next to my office!). Be awesome.