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We’ve had a turbulent 24-hours over at Casa Pereira, so alas, no original content. The babe had his 6-month check-up yesterday, complete with a handful of shots and a surprise double ear infection, so fussy would be an understatement and overtired is more or less the only word to describe his mother this morning.

To buy your love and patience, a quick before and after:

Doctors?! I love doctors!

Annnnnnd, two and a half minutes post-appointment. If only he’d been this sleepy in the overnight hours.

I have a few things in the hopper, but no time or wherewithal to make ’em happen today. As a result, I bring you a Health magazine storyconverted for Carrots N Cake and now, passed down to you here. Re-gifting is an act of better-than-nothing-love in this case, not a lack of caring.
Can you eat what you want or do you have to watch it?
Always, totally and completely, watch it. I definitely can’t eat “anything” and notice junk food’s affect on my body pretty much instantly. On the chin, chest, and belly. I generally find it really difficult not only to lose weight, but to not gain it.

Has your body ever changed dramatically?
I fluctuate. I think the first time I really felt out of sorts and foreign in my body was when I studied abroad in Galway, Ireland. I was cooking for myself for the first time, legally able to drink, and Irish staples like heavy bread, thick butter, and potatoes were consumed at all meals. On top of that, my townhouse with six ladies only had a dorm sized fridge, so I had no idea how to eat well on the fly. I remember being in a little coastal town south of Dublin in the week or two before I flew back to the States and I spent a rainy afternoon in a bookstore reading The Abs Diet on the floor down some aisle. I started the diet when I returned home and dropped 20 pounds that summer. Granted I had just gained at least that.

I guess it would be obvious to say my body changed dramatically while I was pregnant last year and while it did physically, I felt really comfortable and had such a great grasp on eating well and moving often that I was more at home then than I had been in the past.

After you had a baby, did you feel pressure to snap back into shape?
No, not pressure, but my body really did get back to it’s so-called normal size and weight really quickly, so maybe I would have if it didn’t. Even still, that isn’t to say it was the same as before. I’m still working on regaining the strength and endurance I had before and I’d really like to look better and feel stronger than before Henry. Since having the baby, I feel more capable than I did before.

Do you guys want more kids?
Yup! Well, I do at least! I always thought I wanted a couple and within days of Henry being born I was sure. No rush though. We’re having fun as a family of three.

What’s the key to maintaining a happy family life?
In my opinion, carving out time for undivided attention with just your immediate family, in the midst of lots of fun visits, outings, company, etc. I think a balance of both is important, but I love the little moments when it’s just the three of us and the baby has Nik and I in hysterics (it’s usually that way, instead of the opposite)!

What are your favorite ways to pamper yourself?
Facials, hair cuts, and blow outs. Facials are justified, hair cuts are impulsive, and blow outs are indulgent. If I won the lottery, I’d get my hair blown out a few days a week.

Besides wine, do you have a go-to drink?
I’m off all alcohol right now, so English or Irish breakfast tea with skim and two sugars.

Do you have any health regrets?
I hate moisturizing. I’m bound to regret that sooner or later.

Are you a yoga person?Yes, off and on. I long ago got over thinking it was a hippie workout and that the spiritual aspects were kooky. I never feel as clear-headed and centered as when I step off my mat after a good 90+ minute practice.

What workout move do you loathe?I hate taking the time to do a concentrated ab workout. I wish it just happened.

When do you feel sexy?I suppose I could say when I’m in great jeans, a loose blouse and sky-high heels, but usually I feel my best during the most unexpected moments — usually dressed down in old and oversized clothes with my hair piled on top of my head and no makeup on. I have to imagine this isn’t the time my husband finds me sexiest… 

When do you feel your absolute happiest?Sitting on the couch watching Nik and Henry interact, laughing, when we travel, and on the beach.

My Favorite Things
In my bag: I shouldn’t admit this. I’ve been hauling around a giant tote with my pump and bottles (a girl’s gotta do…), a daily planner, Moleskine, work ID, and three or four different lipsticks. Glam.
Ultimate app: Pinterest, Peapod, Tetris.
Go-to hair products: Oh, I’m terrible about hair products. I’m committed to workout headbands and a high, sloppy bun. I’m experimenting with wearing my hair natural lately though, so I’ve tried a variety of air-dry products like John Freida Dream Curls.
Must-have makeup: These days I’m into lipstick! I carry four or five around with me and match them to my outfit and mood. I’m a huge fan of a bright fuchsia that I’m so glad I grabbed on the fly. To find the right colors for me, I googled “lipstick for fair skin” and scooped up those recommendations.
Beauty trick: When I wear black eye-liner, I put on pencil before liquid. I get a good straight-ish line and then have something to trace with the liquid stuff. I feel like it goes on straighter and has something to stick to. Insurance.
Favorite TV show: I’m not that into TV, so my preference is always sports. I have to admit to liking Suits though. The female characters are all strong and have killer fashion sense.
Favorite movie: Re-runs on TNT… James Bond, Italian Job, Fast and the Furious… can you tell my husband runs the remote?