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Welp, 3.3 more inches of snow here on the South Shore of Boston last night. The snow started falling after a funky morning of weather, with icy rain, a fleeting hour or so of sunshine, and of course, more snow. I was just getting motivated to get out the door for a short run when the snow started falling (and falling hard), so I changed it up and worked out inside instead of risking it on icy roads.

Cait and Chris gifted me with a nifty bike trainer last year for the big 3-0 and finally — with a few short months until my next birthday, sans baby belly or broken ribs — I got to ride!

I should have thought to ask them what I’m supposed to do on a bike trainer and how to get it all set up, but nothing a quick Google search can’t solve, right? I managed 30 minutes without eating cement, which is a major victory for this accident prone athlete (see exhibits a and b).

5 minute warm up
60 seconds with only one leg, then the other x 2
1 minute recovery
15 minutes of 30 seconds hard, 30 seconds easy
5 minute cool down

My bum is sore today.

Actually, to be honest, my whole body is kind of sore. Not uncomfortably-sore-sore, but tired-muscles-sore from top to bottom. Realizing the New Jersey Half Marathon is creeping up rather quickly, I created a last minute training plan Friday afternoon, backing up my long runs from late April to this weekend.

It turns out, I’m not in as terrible shape as I thought time-wise, as long as I go into race day planning to cover the distance and not race it. Surely I’ll have to remind myself of that over and over almost constantly. Still, the first step in covering the distance was in hitting the road Saturday morning for a “long” run for the first time since before the snow and before my fall.

Five and a half done!

Luckily I changed into running gear before I looked outside Saturday morning or I definitely would have stayed in the flannel pajamas and crawled back into bed. It was raining from start to finish, but not terribly cold.

I ventured out of the neighborhood for this one and was really pleasantly surprised by how accommodating all of the drivers were on the road. Everyone gave me ample space, no one seemed particularly annoyed or inconvenienced, and I didn’t have to dive headfirst into any absolutely disgusting snow banks. I’m actually glad we got another coating of snow last night to cover how dirty everything has become.

The run felt pretty comfortable, even as my first few miles clocked in in the low-eights, but by the end I could feel the hills and just generally fatigued. Oh well. Fitness.

It was hard to capture, but I wanted to show you some of the snow banks in my neighborhood that are STILL taller than I am. 9 feet total this winter and more than 5 feet still hanging tight in some big plow piles.

5.5 miles exactly, 47:37, 8:39 pace.

I know everyone’s sick of talking about the weather, but mucked up and chilly I have to say, I’m ready for a sunny, dry day!

Who got outside this weekend? Tell me about it!