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Good morning! This week’s gotten a little crazy, so I’m not as prepared for you today as I’d like to be. That said, I didn’t want to abandon ship either, so I have a couple of Boston Marathon related stories to share.

Did you watch on TV by chance? Did you see the random dude leading for the first mile? You know, the NOT Kenyan/Ethiopian/Meb? Here’s his story.

Not to be outdone, there were kickass women on the racecourse, too. How about running the Boston Marathon in 4:19:14… in crap conditions… at 34 weeks pregnant? I saw her in Wellesley and shouted Way to go, Mama! She looked like a million bucks. Amy Keil: hero.

Finally, is your best better than any of the people on this list? I love that Joannie is still killing it with a sub-3:00 at 57 years old. Geesh.

We’re off to New Jersey this weekend for the Long Branch Half Marathon. When I signed up around this time last year I thought I’d be WAY farther along in my post-baby running blitz. Alas, we’ll see how it goes.

Have a make-your-mark weekend.