Short stories from long runs

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As I referenced yesterday, I had some great new tunes that helped me through the New Jersey Half Marathon this weekend. I downloaded a bunch of new stuff from iTunes last week and didn’t listen to it much before race day, which meant even though I hadn’t had a chance to put it in the exact order I wanted, everything was still fresh and new and wouldn’t annoy me from having already been overplayed to death.

These didn’t last the entire hour and 50 minutes (and 49 seconds), but I just went through twice, which was fine by me. I’ve already confessed myself as a creature of habit. When it comes to running, I like to know what’s coming. I wouldn’t want a list on repeat like this for any longer than a half marathon, but this weekend it worked well.

I’m also more inclined to chill, slower music than angry or high energy upbeat stuff, especially on long runs. I think it sets a more methodical, calm, enduring tone for me. On one of my best long runs ever I listened to exclusively Ben Harper. Not exactly pump-you-up kinda stuff, but it got me settled in for the long haul. I love me a good remix, but time and time again, I go back to a little more chilled out tunes.

How about you? Any favorites? Full disclosure: I have other playlists that include some hugely embarrassing tracks. Any embarrassing playlist confessions?