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Does anyone know this man?

I find this story fascinating and terrifying all at the same time. Here’s the run down: at the Boston Marathon, this runner’s daughters dared her to turn the tables on the famed mile 13 scream tunnel through Wellesley College, where, for decades, students have lined the marathon route to give kisses to runners. Instead, Barbara Tatge was to find herself a good looking fan to smooch as she made her way through Wellesley.

Welp, she found one, and apparently sparks flew! Now she’s looking to track him down.

Fascinating? Obviously. Terrifying?! YES! What if he has a wife? And what if she doesn’t have a sense of humor? Or like her husband kissing on other ladies? Eek!

Anyhow, heart palpitations and raging anxiety aside, I kind of hope they fall in love.

What are your weekend plans? We have company coming into town this afternoon — Nik’s cousin who I’ve never met! — and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend. Swimming lessons, the Kentucky Derby, running outside, and with any luck, a yoga for runners class in the city on Sunday.

Have a sun-filled, fun-filled, living-on-the-edge-kissing-strangers kind of weekend.