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I was thinking about this picture recently.

Weird, right, since it was taken back in 1999? That’s right, 16 years ago and still on my mind. That’s Brandi Chastain, by the way, after kicking the game winning shootout kick to win the 1999 Women’s World Cup.

At the time, my Aunt Jean cut the photo from the newspaper and pinned it to her fridge with a caption, something to the effect of: are you making a healthy choice?
No, seriously. How badass is Brandi Chastain in this picture?

Strong, healthy, sexy.

Fit, authentic, passionate.

Also real, in-the-moment, and whatever is the opposite of contrived. Yes. That. The opposite of contrived. REAL.

Recently, Kim Kardashian tried to “break the Internet” covering the magazine Paper with a NSFW shot that people talked about for a minute. Her body is constantly on display, and lots of actresses and models and athletes are, but still, this one from 1999 inspires me more and feels more achievable too. Imagine that?

Who are your role models? Which images, or moments, or athletes, friends and neighbors inspire you to be your strongest, most badass self?