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Yesterday was crazy stressful at the office. After a frantic week last week, I left the office Friday feeling pretty good about how well we’d gotten some things back on track. Then, Monday morning the train derailed. Explosively. The derailment was out of my hands and outside anything I could have anticipated, but it still felt like it was going to land squarely — and heavily — on me. My blood pressure was through the roof; adrenaline was pumping.

So, I dropped fifty bucks and signed up for a race.

Like, literally, in the midst of this mini-crisis (and really, mini, in the grand scheme of the crises around the world — I get it) I opened a new Chrome window, g-chatted for a quick minute with my sister, sent a Facebook message or two to a friend, and found myself signed up to run the Newport 10-Miler June 7.

Whew. It felt good. Some people impulse shop or power eat their way through a bag of Lay’s (oh wait, I do that too), but this week, I projected my anxiety and worry three or four weeks out onto another race course.

Since I won’t enjoy the benefit of race endorphins as an advance in quite the same way that clicking register brought such instant relief, I popped H into the stroller and took off for a run straight from daycare.

It was 82 degrees and sunny at 5:00. In other words, simply amazing.

A good, easy run with the stroller was exactly the way I wanted to ease back into exercise after a week off from running post-New Jersey and the weather couldn’t have been better. Warm temps also made it way easier to manage Henry’s penchant for tossing (and/or chewing on) his socks instead of wearing them. Each morning and evening when I deliver him to or rescue him from daycare inevitably sock-less, I swear people are staring me down and judging. Last night, I let those little piggies wiggle in the breeze.

But back to running.

Every time I run Southfield, I lament about the insane windThis is the windiest its ever been, I tell myself every time, as I try to course-correct the BOB back onto the path. No, this time. Seriously. Last night. Windiest ever. The welcome difference, of course, was that the breeze was 80 degrees for a change, instead of say, 7.

Still, first run in a week, I decided to take it easy and stick with four miles instead of the usual 5.5 for the length of the road out and back. The wind was already pushing back like crazy and I’ve learned that it comes from every direction out there, so simply turning around doesn’t provide the relief you’d expect. Dirt and dust were whipping around, too, so I didn’t want to expose H’s little lungs for the sake of my workout. With plans to stroller run a 5K tonight, taking it easy was the way to go to start the week.

My stress melted pretty darn quick and I managed to enjoy the run without the negative thoughts that usually swirl around, building contingency plans and constructing and anticipating tough conversations in my head that might never come to fruition. As you can imagine, it’s not a great practice for the head space to let that stuff spiral for long.

Everything felt pretty good and the aches and pains that settled in after the half last weekend seemed to have resolved themselves with rest. My pace seemed to hover around 9:30, which actually felt miraculous considering the gusts and I didn’t push myself any harder upon hearing my split each mile. There was no point and I wasn’t about to fight Mother Nature.

Right as I reached three miles, my phone rang so I had to zone back in on aforementioned work crisis for a hot minute. Luckily, I had shaken out enough of my aggravation to address it, go through the plan of attack, hang up and move on. Little victories, people. I’m working on letting go of work after hours. It’s a years-long endeavor.

4 miles, 39:20 (without stopping the clock for the phone call).

My goodness, where would I be without running? (He was sleeping peacefully, I swear. This selfie makes him look like he hates running more than he does. Promise.)

Yesterday I saw the hashtag #nevermissamonday and loved itAre you a dedicated mover-on-Mondays? Tell me about how you kicked off the week.