Short stories from long runs

This blog about my run and training

It’s that time again! Here’s what’s been going on in my little corner of the universe. 

Play along in the comments. This time around I want to know what you’re cooking, noticing, and bookmarking. Share, please!

Making: a new bathing suit purchase this morning, based on something I saw and liked on tales of me and the husband. It’s a one piece and, believe it or not, actually not mortifying.
CookingBarefoot Contessa’s herbed pork loin with apple chutney for guests this past weekend. It was the second time I made it and it was fantastic yet again. It also seems fancier and tougher to prepare than it really is, which is the perfect recipe for guests, amiright?
Drinking: in the spring weather, with the exception of this morning, of course. I’m LOVING the sunshine and HEAT.
Reading: a couple of REALLY powerful articles floating around the Internet this week. First of all, The Price of Nice Nails, the expose about New York City nail salons in the Times. Holy cow. It makes me nervous to get a manicure. Next, Split Image the incredibly powerful and emotional story about Madison Holleran, the college athlete who seemed to have it all, but committed suicide during her freshman year at Penn. Read both. More to come on Split Image. Thought percolating.
Wanting: longer weekends, please. Like two days longer at least.
Looking: in the mirror a little cockeyed. I got a haircut and I’m not so sure about it.
Playing: with cardboard boxes has been entertaining Henry constantly, so much so that the shoe box from my new Kinvaras is living in his toy basket. Hey, it’s reliable!
Eating:a ton of junk these past few days. Time to reel it in. Quick!
Wishing: there was an faster way to wash baby bottles, frankly. It’s not like its labor intense, but it would be cool if it just… happened.
Enjoying: sleeping clear through the night — or as much as I ever has — now that Henry is sleeping soundly. Last night he crashed from 6PM til 5AM. Incredible.
Loving: the photos we took this weekend during our Mother’s Day trip to Newport. It was a gorgeous day to be by the water and so nice to bring Henry to one of our favorite places for the first time.
Hoping: my mom pit-stops at Jersey Mike’s Subs on her way to visit this weekend. A number two, please! (*hint hint*)
Needing: some new, go-to spring and summer recipes, especially for salads and side dishes. I have the same few that I’ve been making for years. Any recommendations?
Smelling: lilacs! I did some planting and clean-up as part of a volunteer day at an inner-city church yesterday and was loving the fragrant, fresh scent of the lilac bushes around the property. I wonder if we could get some of those blooming up in our yard…
Feeling: a little anxious and edgy today, to be honest.
Wearing: a new dress from MM.LaFleur to a business gala tomorrow night. It was my spring investment piece and I saved it to wear for the first time just for this. Fingers crossed.
Following:Kayla Itsines on Instagram because her Bikini Body Guide transformations are Talk about motivating…
Noticing: that I seem to be faster post-pregnancy. I’m not patting myself on the back. I’m genuinely mystified and fascinated. 
Bookmarkingthese colorful, adorable d’Orsay pumps from Banana Republic. Mint?! Magenta? Be still, my heart.