Short stories from long runs

This blog about my run and training

Hi, my name is Jillian. I used to write here a few days a week. Remember?

Woah… time sort of got away from me there for a minute. I’m emerging from two weeks of mayhem on the job, so while all is well in the wellness category, time has been at a premium, and I found myself constantly running behind with a long list of to-do’s to be done. Sunday — Father’s Day — we rested, and it was glorious.

And similar to the blink-and-you-missed-it couple of weeks I’ve been having, I haven’t posted a day in the life since FEBRUARY, when the H-man was 20-weeks old. My goodness, how he has changed. I spent some time glancing at the clock (let’s be real: my iPhone) and taking notes last Tuesday (see! good intentions!) and while the day was different than our norm, it’s definitely indicative of the way Nik and I juggle work responsibilities, home life, and our commutes on a daily basis.

5:05 AM: Alarm, about 10 seconds later I hear H whimper. He’s still asleep but Nik gets him and brings him to bed for morning snuggles. I get up and dress to run. It’s a real life struggle to actually make the choice to go if I hear Henry wake up.

5:20 AM: Out the door into the super foggy morning. It’s damp and cool, actually really comfortable. Run an easy 3.5. Love every second. Home by 6:00. 

6:00 AM: Pump real quick! TMI, I know. Super fast shower so Nik can get ready and out the door on time.

6:10 AM: Nurse the babe and watch the news. Catch up on email. Snuggle. H is extra snuggly and less figgity than usual, which I am loving. Henry plays on the bed and crawls around the room on the floor while I get ready for work. Nik leaves by 6:30 or 6:40 after getting H dressed for school and all sunscreened up. I love how much time he spends outside at daycare.

Once I’m dressed, and usually running at least five minutes behind, we go downstairs to pack breakfast and lunch and get out the door. Henry plays in his bouncer and bangs blocks together while I pack his lunch box. Snap a quick photo and video of H playing a Coke bottle on the dining room table, throw a splash of milk into the tea Nik made me and out the door.

7:25 AM: Daycare drop off (and hang out). I can’t get out of there in less than 10 minutes. 5 months into daycare and it’s still hard to leave the little man!

8:05 AM: Like I said, already running five minutes late. Arrive at the office and go directly to the caf for the largest tea available and a banana.

8:10 AM: Pop some oatmeal in the microwave and top it with banana and chopped strawberries. My sister was right… they are so sweet this week!
Work and meetings straight through until lunch, including my annual review. Eek! With a major fundraiser on Saturday, I’m flat out on details. [Editor’s Note: I survived] My highlight of the morning though, is fielding a “do not mail” call. We chat a bit and when I confirm I’ll remove the caller from our list, she sighs and says, “oh, but you do sound so nice!”

12:05 PM: Run downstairs to pump and work on a quick blog update. Ugh. Still hate it.

12:30 PM: Back at my desk. I’m starving! Working lunch.

3:55 PM: Oh my god, already?! Head downstairs to the chapel for mass.

4:15 PM: Six months ago I was invited to a mass and dinner to be held June 16, honoring two priests in my office that I really, really like. The mass was to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their ordination. I knew it would be during a busy week, but also knew I’d make it work. Fast forward: it was way busier than expected, and therefore, even nicer to make time for this special mass.

These two priests met at what was essentially an information meeting at the seminary. They have been best friends ever since. Each had a chance to speak about what the occasion and their friendship has meant during their priesthood and truly, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house chapel. It was incredibly powerful and a beautiful tribute to the power and importance old friends.

The more outgoing of the pair spoke of great travels, good laughs, and the number of pizzas they’ve consumed over a quarter century. The more reserved painted a scene that showed the two priests kneeling bedside praying as one’s father passed away, and later, the best friend’s parents standing in for his own at another special occasion. It was absolutely the pause and reflection I needed in the heart of an otherwise muddled and rushed week; a reminder of the moments that matter most.

5:30 PM: Despite good intentions (I know. I knowww.) I really couldn’t swing a late night with dinner after mass, but I was able to find a colleague to use my seat, and squeeze in a little while at the reception. A few, nice minutes of social time with my co-workers.

6:18 PM: On the road.
6:20 PM: Only then… traffic stopped. At first I just thought it was crazy cross-town traffic, but unfortunately there had been a terrible accident and the road was closed due to a flipped Jeep. Prayers, prayers, prayers. It looked awful.

6:38 PM: Arrive at Stop & Shop to pick up my Peapod order, aka the best discovery of all time. Thanks Jen Skala. Damn, all out of pears

6:40 PM: Back on the road. Two minutes. I know. It’s incredible and costs all of $2.95.

6:46 PM: HOMEI feed H right away and then he’s all smiles. I pretend to smell his toes, making faces, and he cannot hold it together. I love having someone think I’m hilarious. H, Nik and I sit around and crack up. 

7:35 PM: Up to bed for baby’s bedtime. Three books, two songs, one story, and our bedtime prayer. 

7:51 PM: He’s down. Fussing, but exhausted. Will see how this goes…

7:56 PM: Nik goes up for a pep talk. Round two. *ding!*

8:04 PM: He’s out.

8:35-8:54 PM: Clean bottles, re-pack bottles, pack H’s lunch and mine. (Editor’s Note: more on this routine later this week) Tidy up. Sort of. Head upstairs and give now-sleeping H another goodnight kiss. 

9:00-10:00 PM: In-bed periwinkle manicure and research for a European summer vacation. No decisions, but lots of daydreaming and wanderlust. 

10:28 PM: OMG! 10:28?! Bedtime!

What time do you go to bed and get up in the morning? What color are your fingers or toes painted right now? (A few days later and my fingers are already bare, but I’m still wearing coral on my toes.)