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It’s totally weird that I’ve been thinking about this for awhile — being out on a run, the sun right out in front, and thinking to myself, Oh man, I need to tell my blog friends how much I love these stupid purple glasses. Do you know the ones I mean? I wear them constantly and they’re my favorite.

They were a freebie giveaway when I signed up to run the Vermont City Marathon with Team In Training back in 2013. I had raised a few hundred bucks when our official kick off rolled around so I got these as an incentive. They sat in a drawer for a while… more than a year probably… and then I threw them on one day and never looked back.

They’re imitation Ray Bans, I guess, but they fit the width of my head perfectly, are sturdy, and don’t slip. Plus, they’re purple so, you know…

They’re featured in selfies-galore. I’m already worried about when I lose them or misplace them. How will I find another pair that is just as cheap and wonderful?

Is there a piece of gear, or a headband, or an accessory that is a staple in your workout routine? (Chris, I know that Tebow headband is going to become yours!) In other news, I ran the Newport 10-Miler yesterday and a full recap is coming soon!