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Not gonna lie, I was gonna blow things off over here today. On top of being totally spent from the week (and having tired-hangover from last weekend’s work related shenanigans) I somehow managed to get something in my eye which became infected and now the whole damn thing is swollen, puffed up, and achy. Seeing hurts. It’s ridiculous. Despite said eye-puff, I still got up and finished up the total body workout required to complete week 4 of BBG. I took my phase 1 progress pics (begrudgingly) and wouldn’t-you-know-it? there’s been some progress.

Right, so anyhow. I haven’t watched enough videos or ads recently to hit one out of the park on Friday Feature, so I was going to skip it. Quality, not quantity, right? Well, except if it involves a survey. Then quantity, quantity, quantity! Hungry Runner Girl posted this runner survey today, so I hopped on board and am paying it forward to you. Pick one and share in the comments, please!

1.  Would you rather run along a beach path or on a mountain trail? Beach path.

2.  If you could choose the flavor of gatorade at your next race’s aid stations, what would it be? Orange or red (fruit punch). NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. Why is it always lemon lime?!

3.  If I gave you a $100 gift card to a running store, what would be the first thing that you would purchase with it? A new sports bra, unfortunately. I hate spending money on them! I just read on Carrots N Cake that sports bras should never celebrate a birthday though, so it’s time for a few new ones.

4.  Do you prefer to follow a training plan or wake up and decide then how far and how fast you want to run? Either. I do well with a plan, but right now between training cycles, I just see what I feel like and what I have time for.

5.  Would you rather start your run with the uphill and end on the downhill or start your run with the downhill and end with the uphill? Start downhill, finish uphill.

6.  When you can’t run, what type of cross-training do you choose to do? Yoga, though right now I’m all BBG all the time.

7.  What is your preference—>  Out and back, point to point or loop runs? Loop, though I run a lot of “lollipops” — out and backs with a loop on top.

8.  If you could recommend ANY running related item to a new runner, it would be a—> Good pair of shoes for you and patience. Too many people start too aggressive, wear the wrong shoes, or give up too early saying their knees can’t handle it, they aren’t built to run, or simply, that they can’t. 

9.  Do you ever see any wild animals while out on your runs? Deer. Wild, wild deer.

10.  Ever gotten lost while out on a run? Only once, I think, and “lost” was like… took a wrong turn in a neighborhood and wasn’t sure where I’d pop out. Nothing too distressing.

11.  If you could have one meal waiting and ready for you each time you got home from a run for the next 30 days… what would that meal be? A peanut butter and jelly sandwich and Ruffles potato chips. 

12.  Capris or shorts… what do you run in most often? Shorts.

13.  At what mile (or how many minutes) into your run does your body start to feel like it is warming up and ready to go? Usually after a mile or so, but on a long run I usually feel like I’m clicked in and ready to go the long haul by mile 7. It’s a different gear.

14.  What do you do with your key when you run? I usually run from home and don’t need it. If I drive somewhere, I lock it in my car and use my OnStar app to unlock the car when I get back. That discovery was a revelation.

15.  If you could relive any race that you have done in the past, which one what it be? Reach the Beach — so. much. fun.

16.  What type of run is your least favorite type of run? 800s on the track.

17.  What has been your biggest motivation lately to get out the door to get your run on? I haven’t needed much lately… I’ve really wanted to get out.

18.  When you go for a run, do you leave right from your front door or do you drive somewhere to start? Almost always right from the front door, especially since having the baby. It’s just easier.

19.  When running in daylight—>  are sunglasses a must or an annoyance? A must! Love my free purple glasses!

20.  When you get tired, what keeps you from quitting? Usually I’m too far from home to quit 😉